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NOTE: This API has been deprecated from FreeRTOS V4.0.0 onwards. Please refer to FreeRTOS_SetEndPointConfiguration for the new APIs supporting IPv6, Multiple Endpoints and Multiple interfaces. To use the deprecated APIs please set ipconfigIPv4_BACKWARD_COMPATIBLE to 1 in the FreeRTOSIPConfig.h header file.


[FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP API Reference]


void FreeRTOS_SetNetmask( uint32_t ulNetmask );

This function can be used to update the IPv4 subnet mask of the first IPv4 endpoint used by the FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP device after the TCP stack has already been initialized with a call to FreeRTOS_IPInit_Multi(). It will have no effect if an IPv4 endpoint cannot be found.


ulNetmask  The 32-bit IPv4 netmask, in network endian order, which the device should use. FreeRTOS_htonl can be used to get the network endian representation of the 32-bit IP netmask.


This function is not thread safe and should be used with the taskENTER_CRITICAL/taskEXIT_CRITICAL pair. A call to this function should be made only when there is no active connection (either UDP or TCP), or else that connection might be severed.

Example usage:

See the FreeRTOS_SetIPAddress page for an example.

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