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Articles by Shebu Varghese Kuriakose

  • Secure OTA Updates for Cortex-M Devices with FreeRTOS
    IoT devices are getting rapid adoption in every market segment and becoming a major target for cyberattacks. A significant proportion of attacks on IoT devices happens due to a lack of software updates once commissioned in the field or updates done insecurely. Cyber attackers often target vulnerabilities in outdated software components to take control of […]
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  • Security for Arm Cortex-M devices with FreeRTOS
    Securing microcontrollers is a challenge, hampered in part by lack of hardware enforced security domains. Creating two security domains typically requires two microprocessors each with a separate Memory Protection Unit (MPU). Arm TrustZone, introduced with the Armv8-M architecture, enables two security processing environments on a single Cortex-M processor (see Using FreeRTOS on Armv8-M Microcontrollers). Once […]
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