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  • Introducing FreeRTOS Kernel version 11.0.0: A Major Release with Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) Support
    FreeRTOS Kernel version 11.0.0 is now available for download. This release includes the following features: While FreeRTOS introduced Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) support in 2017, FreeRTOS version 11.0.0 is the first to merge Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) support into the mainline release. SMP enables one instance of the FreeRTOS Kernel to schedule tasks across multiple identical processor […]
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  • Benefits of Using the Memory Protection Unit
    The device you are reading this on relies on your processor’s Memory Management Unit (MMU) to sandbox each running application. Without its ability to prevent erroneous or even malicious accesses to the wrong memory – be it the operating system’s data or another task’s – consumer devices would be a minefield of bugs and security […]
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  • Getting the Most Out of FreeRTOS on AVR® Microcontrollers
    It was exciting to see two new AVR® microcontroller (MCU) ports in FreeRTOS™ version 10.3.1, or rather six new ports. These ports not only cover the megaAVR® 0-series of MCUs and the brand-new AVR Dx devices, but also the three main compilers for AVR MCUs: MPLAB XC8 compiler, AVR-GCC, and IAR Embedded Workbench® for AVR. […]
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  • Decrease RAM Footprint and Accelerate Execution with FreeRTOS Notifications
    Introduction Queues and semaphores are textbook features provided by all operating systems. Developers new to FreeRTOS use them because they are familiar with them. In most use cases, though, FreeRTOS direct-to-task notifications provide a smaller and up to 45% faster alternative to semaphores, and FreeRTOS message buffers and stream buffers provide a smaller and faster […]
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  • Using FreeRTOS on ARMv8-M Microcontrollers
    [Also see the page that describes how to set ARM Cortex-M interrupt priorities when using FreeRTOS.] ARM introduced TrustZone to the Cortex-M series of microcontrollers with the ARMv8-M architecture. TrustZone is an optional security extension that enables two security domains within a single processor. Cortex-M cores (including the Cortex-M33 and Cortex-M23) that include TrustZone use […]
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  • Simple Multicore Core to Core Communication Using FreeRTOS Message Buffers
    [The STM32H745I demo in the FreeRTOS download provides a worked example of the control buffer scheme described below.] In this post I describe how to implement a basic and light weight core to core communication scheme using FreeRTOS Message Buffers, which are lockless circular buffers that can pass data packets of varying sizes from a […]
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