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  • FreeRTOS 202012 LTS end of support
    It has been six months since we announced the second release of FreeRTOS Long Term Support (LTS) - FreeRTOS 202210 LTS. Today the support period ends for the previous LTS release, FreeRTOS 202012 LTS. You can migrate your project to FreeRTOS 202210.01 LTS if you are using the previous version. See the migration guide and […]
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  • New FreeRTOS Long Term Support version released
    It has already been 18 months since we introduced FreeRTOS Long Term Support (LTS). With FreeRTOS LTS, developers can rely on a FreeRTOS version that provides feature stability, and security patches and critical bug fixes for two years from the release date. We released the first LTS version (FreeRTOS 202012 LTS) with all libraries needed […]
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  • FreeRTOS Extended Maintenance Plan registration now open
    We are excited to announce that registration for the FreeRTOS Extended Maintenance Plan (EMP) is now open. FreeRTOS EMP subscriptions allow embedded developers to receive critical bug fixes and security patches on their chosen FreeRTOS Long Term Support (LTS) version for up to 10 years beyond the end of its initial support period. During the […]
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  • Announcing the official release of FreeRTOS CMSIS Packs
    In keeping with our philosophy of enabling users to consume our software in the environment of their choice, we are excited to announce the official release of FreeRTOS Long Term Support (LTS) libraries in the Common Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) Pack format. Based on the Arm Cortex processors, CMSIS-Pack defines a standardized way to […]
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  • FreeRTOS Long Term Support now includes AWS IoT over-the-air update, AWS IoT Device Defender, and AWS IoT Jobs libraries
    FreeRTOS Long Term Support (LTS) release 202012.01 now includes the over-the-air update (OTA), AWS IoT Device Defender, and AWS IoT Jobs libraries in the first LTS release (FreeRTOS 202012.00 LTS). With this release, developers can use the FreeRTOS LTS libraries to update firmware, manage device fleets, and monitor fleet metrics for their microcontroller-based IoT devices. […]
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  • Introducing FreeRTOS Long Term Support
    Over the last few years, we have been working with our embedded developer partners and customers on increasing the pace at which we deliver feature updates for FreeRTOS kernel and libraries. Even as we do this, we recognize that there is tension between iterating quickly to add new capabilities, and embedded developers’ needs for feature […]
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