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DHCPv6 stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 6.

DHCPv6 provides an alternative to static IPv6 address assignment as well as IPv6 address assignment via RA.

If ipconfigUSE_DHCPv6 is set to 1 in FreeRTOSIPConfig.h and if the bWantDHCP bit in the bits field of the endpoint structure is set during the endpoint initialisation, then FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP will attempt to obtain the endpoint's IP address from a DHCPv6 server, and only revert to using a static IP address if a DHCPv6 server cannot be contacted.

Expert users can influence the DHCP process using an application DHCP hook (or 'callback') function.

Below is an example endpoint initialisation that enables DHCPv6:

IPv6_Address_t xIPAddress;
IPv6_Address_t xPrefix;
IPv6_Address_t xGateWay;
IPv6_Address_t xDNSServer1, xDNSServer2;

FreeRTOS_inet_pton6( "2001:470:ed44::", xPrefix.ucBytes );

FreeRTOS_CreateIPv6Address( &xIPAddress, &xPrefix, 64, pdTRUE );
FreeRTOS_inet_pton6( "fe80::ba27:ebff:fe5a:d751", xGateWay.ucBytes );

FreeRTOS_FillEndPoint_IPv6( &( xInterfaces[ 0 ] ),
&( xEndPoints[ xEndPointCount ] ),
&( xIPAddress ),
&( xPrefix ),
64uL, /* Prefix length. */
&( xGateWay ),
NULL, /* pxDNSServerAddress: Not used yet. */
ucMACAddress );
FreeRTOS_inet_pton6( "2001:4860:4860::8888", xEndPoints[ xEndPointCount ].ipv6_settings.xDNSServerAddresses[ 0 ].ucBytes );
FreeRTOS_inet_pton6( "fe80::1", xEndPoints[ xEndPointCount ].ipv6_settings.xDNSServerAddresses[ 1 ].ucBytes );
FreeRTOS_inet_pton6( "2001:4860:4860::8888", xEndPoints[ xEndPointCount ].ipv6_defaults.xDNSServerAddresses[ 0 ].ucBytes );
FreeRTOS_inet_pton6( "fe80::1", xEndPoints[ xEndPointCount ].ipv6_defaults.xDNSServerAddresses[ 1 ].ucBytes );

#if ( ipconfigUSE_DHCPv6 != 0 )
/* End-point wants to use DHCPv6. */
xEndPoints[ xEndPointCount ].bits.bWantDHCP = pdTRUE;
#endif /* ( ipconfigUSE_DHCPv6 != 0 ) */
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